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Boss Hoss Stock

Updated August 2017

2004 Boss Hoss Full Dress

2004 Boss Hoss, full dress, 355 hp Chev ZZ4 power, Performance exhaust, high stall torque converter, Trailer hitch, deluxe seat pkg, Lots of chrome, and much more. We sold this bike new, and have been involved with it's maintenance since. It has always lived in dry country,(Reno, and Denver). This is an excellent bike, has always had excellent care, rubber is good, and this bike is ready to ride anywhere. The paint is original, but looks very good with very few of the normal chips and dings. It is a low mileage bike, with only just over 20,000 miles on it. This is an excellent buy at just $19,000.00.
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2010 Boss Hoss Black Trike

2010 Boss Hoss 32 coupe trike. Factory camed ZZ4 5.7 385 HP with TBS fuel injection. Only 3340 actual miles, Deluxe seat pkg, Performance exhaust, extra fuel, tilt body, quick detach rear luggage rack, air ride with on-board compressor, front and rear disc brakes, and so much more! As close to a new 2010 Boss Hoss that you will find, ready to ride anywhere. A real bargain at $31,500.00! Sold
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1996 White Mercedes LS 600

1996 Mercedes SL600 V12 with hardtop.
135000 miles, $14K
Bore 89.0MM, Stroke80.2MM, 5987CC, Seven main bearings, Twin overhead CAMS, Pent Roof HEADS, Individual Coils, Four Valves/Cylidner, Variable Valve Timing Up to 25 Degress (Intake Camshafts), Hydraulic Self Adjusting CAM Bcukets, 10.0:1 Compression, 394 BHP @ 5200RPM, Red Line 6000RPM, 420 LB/FT@ 3800RPM, 0-60 @ 5.8SEC, Quarter Mile 14.2 SEC, Governed Top Speed 159MPH, .83 Skidpan, 0-100-0 Better Than Comparable Corvette LT4
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2013 Black Boss Hoss Bike

2013 Boss Hoss 425hp 383 Stroker. This is the only Boss Hoss like this in the world. Built by Ron for Ron from a new 2013 unfinished, unpainted LS 300 hp 4.8. the 4.8 was replaced by a new 383 Stroker 425hp GM crate engine. Fuel system is high pressure/high flow pump, regulated to 6# with return to insure cool fuel @ constant pressure to the 1900 series Edelbrock 750CFM carburetor. Ignition is by Davis Unified performance.Fuel tank is customized, and gauges are by Classic Instruments. Rear suspension is 502 shocks. Yes, it is "old school"! This bike truly attracts attention with its sound and looks, and it's comfort, handling and performance is of the finest we have ever ridden. With only 3200 actual miles, it is truly a bargain at $38,800.00.
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2014 Yellow Boss Hoss Trike

2014 Boss Hoss. 495 + hp LS-3, dyno tuned and programmed! runs and performs better than any LS-3 we have ever had in our dealership! It is also the probably the most detailed 57 we have ever had with over $5000.00 of well appointed accessories. This trike is spotless, flawless, low miles,(yes, the miles you see on the Speedometer is what is on it now), and truly one of a kind. It is ready to ride anywhere. $42,000.00 Sold
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2011 Royal Enfield Bullet

2011 500cc C- 5 Bullet Royal Enfield. Like new, only 2471 actual miles. Many extras including AM/FM/MP3 radio. This bike was given to Jen by Ron, and she is the one who put the miles on it. It's superb performance and handling characteristics are conducive to it's British heritage, and it gets 75-85 MPG on regular gas. An excellent buy at $3650.00
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2006 Red Trike BHC9

502 cubic inch Big Block
Mileage: 17,570
Price: $37K (includes thousands of dollars in upgrades)
This is a fantastic and very unique machine. A Boss Hoss is a rare machine to start with. Less than 1 in 15,000 motorcycles is a Boss. Of those, less than half are trikes.
Of those, they are divided into four different body styles. Adding to that, there have been six different motors. The Big Block 502 was only used for five years. Narrowing it down to this combination of the '57 body and the 502 motor, makes this one of only fourteen produced by Boss Hoss.
The power is always first when you talk about a Boss and it is awesome! It has an 850cfm Edlebrock Quadrajet and delivers 562 lb/ft of torque. That is fed into a GM TH350 automatic transmission (from a 4WD truck) and then to a narrowed Mustang rear axle; ending at 14" wide rear tires. It has air shocks at the back and the front end is a custom extended 45 degree rake chrome fork.
Dual Brembo disc brakes in the front. The rear brakes have been upgraded to the huge automotive disc brake units that Boss came out with in 2010.
This was purchased and set up originally as a show bike (paint and body work in excess of $10,000) and after a couple of years was retired from that having accumulated no real mileage. The man that bought it next was into shows also and already had three Boss Hoss trikes and he didn't put a lot of miles on it either. I bought it in 2010 (seven years ago) and went through it to set it up for long distance riding. Motor mounts and U-joint were upgraded, frame strengthened, added wind deflectors, a few chrome upgrades and a trailer hitch was custom built. Custom exhaust was fitted. It has a "hand shift" from a late 60's Mustang but it is still an automatic transmission. High intensity PIA driving lights were added and the headlight was changed to a very bright LED. Handle bars are custom along with mirrors having turn signal indicators in the front and back of the mirror.
Next is the fuel system. It is totally unique and there is none other like it. It has three gas tanks with push button switching and a range of over 350 miles (depending upon how much you can control your right hand). My bladder usually only goes 150-200 miles but you can out range any other motorcycles you are riding with. There is the obvious normal big gas tank in front plus a huge gas tank in the trunk (still leaving plenty of useable space) plus a standby extra reserve tank in the frame. It has a custom tilt body that lifts up from the front and tilts back making access or maintenance super easy. The battery is an Odyssey gel cell and is maintained on a tender.
As a show bike it had both stereo and TV that activated when the trunk opened. It was removed but is included with the trike. If you want to reinstall it would have to be modified to fit with the added fuel tank. The original wiring for this is still there.
The trunk looks like the worlds largest saddlebag and is opened by electric linear actuators with hidden switches.
This trike is driven and has a couple of chips and some bugs on it but the paint and chrome both present well. It wins trophies at any show it goes to. (most recent was 5 months ago)
I don't drive it much in the winter but it has been in the snow a few times and it does surprisingly well. It has individual thermostatic electric heated clothing controllers for both the driver and passenger. (Two outlets each)
It comes as described (I'll even deliver for expenses) with the original Owner's manual and a copious amount of notes.
If you're not a Hot Rodder at heart, you'll never truly appreciate all this machine has to offer. But if you are, just sitting on it with your thumb hovering over the start button will send adrenaline up your spine before you push and it explodes into life.
The sound is fantastic; deep, rich and powerful.
Handling is fine. It is a trike so low speed is about like any other. At higher speeds there is no counter steering and it is rock solid with that extended front end without the twitchyness that short wheelbase trikes have.Tires are probably 50% in front and 80% in back. Motor has always been run on either Amsoil or Royal Purple and it uses no oil. I've had it everywhere from sea level to 12,000 ft and it runs great. If you like having a low profile, this is not the machine for you. You will always find a crowd around it and a million questions to answer. You can't drive it down the highway without folks hanging out of their windows taking pictures and giving a big thumbs up. Sold
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1973 Grumman Airplane

1973 Grumman AA1B, 2065 hours tt, 435 tt since complete engine overhaul with new Lycoming cylinders by Firewall Forward. Fresh extensive annual, new paint, new tinted windshield, new muffler, new concord battery and battery box, recent interior, recent canopy and side glass, recent tires. Bendix King KLX 135A GPS/COM, MX11 Comm TKM, Narco AT 50A encoding transponder, and new ELT Bat. Fast, efficient, easy and fun to fly. 125 mph at 5.7 GPH. Sold
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