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About Ron and Jennifer

Ron and Jen

Ron and Jen were married this spring, March 12, 2013.

Ron and Jen love working on motorcycles together, flying down the highway on a Boss Hoss, feeling the comfort, power, and excitement of riding a V-8 powered motorcycle. Her favorite is the 2006 ZZ4 385 hp. His favorite continues to be the 502! Jen has also discovered the excitement of traveling to the shows and helping. They both share an excitement in flying and airplanes. Together, they truly enjoy working on their serene 2 acre landscape, smelling the beautifully aromatic rhododendrons, azaleas, and the many other lovely plants and blossoms with their energetic pup Louie.

Together, they are committed to giving their best in sales, service, and promotion of these awesome, exciting V-8 powered bikes and trikes called Boss Hoss. Together, they are also committed to serving Christ through this dealership.

They look forward to seeing their old and new friends, and their wonderful Boss Hoss family on the road or at their home!

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About Wildrose Boss Hoss

Boss Hoss The Ultimate Ride!

The Ultimate Riding Experience

In experiencing the joy, fun and excitement of Boss Hoss motorcycles, we developed a strong desire to share that experience with others. We feel that Boss Hoss motorcycles and trikes are the finest ride, and the best value out there for the mature motorcyclist. We are dedicated to the sales, service, and promotion of the Boss Hoss bikes and trikes. We are equally dedicated in helping you discover the fun, excitement, and comfort found only in Boss Hoss bikes and trikes. Due to our low overhead, we can provide these units at a price that will surprise you. Contact us for prices and stock.
Ron & Jennifer Tangsrud

The Boss Hoss is an American-made motorcycle powered by a small block Chevy 350 V8 and LS3 engine families. This high performance, well engineered motorcycle has a total weight of 1100 lbs. A balanced, low center of gravity design makes the Boss Hoss a dream to ride whether cruising around town or touring the country.

2 Speed Automatic with Reverse

The Boss Hoss has a specially designed two-speed automatic transmission shifted manually from a standard motorcycle style shifter. Just push down on the shifter to engage the transmission from neutral to first, then at the desired rpm and speed push it down again for second. In second, the engine will turn a pleasant 2300 rpm at 70 miles per hour which generates 30 miles per gallon and a range of more than 300 miles. Reverse is engaged from neutral position by pushing down on the rear shifter and simultaneously holding a button in, located on the left handle bar just below the left turn signal switch. Reverse is powered by the engine and is specially designed to engage smoothly and be very controllable for a rider friendly feature.

This smooth stability was achieved from four patented designs:

  1. Low Center of Gravity
  2. Power & Weight = Traction
  3. Specially Designed Frame and Drive System
  4. Carefully Completed Weight Distribution

The Boss Hoss rides like no other motorcycle in the world. The vibration free acceleration will amaze anyone who rides it. The control compares to bikes half its size. Just imagine the dependability of a small block Chevy engine, the sound of a finely tuned street rod, the acceleration of a pro dragster, and the distinctive beauty of a hand-built American machine. . .all this in a street-legal, cruise/touring class motorcycle. The Boss Hoss!

Super Sport

The all new Boss Hoss Super Sport's handling characteristics and lower center of gravity were designed to appeal to a wider range of motorcycle enthusiasts. With the 3 inch lower seat height and its 3 inch shorter wheelbase, the Super Sport still maintains all the performance of the ZZ4 and LS3 engines as well as exhibits superior ride, handling characteristics, and much improved cornering abilities over the standard bike.